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There is hope.

Navigation to Survivorship Network (N2SN) is a nonprofit organization that has been guiding Hoosiers through their cancer journey for over nine years. 


We know that surviving begins at diagnosis, so our mission is to instill confidence in those who are battling, celebrate those who have overcome, and honor those we have lost to cancer.


N2SN connects people to organizations who simplify the cancer process, from providing wigs, to coordinating rides to treatments, to peer counseling and so much more.


The N2SN family is dedicated to making sure no one navigates their cancer journey alone. Cancer is still here, and we need your help!


We host events to benefit organizations who simplify the cancer process


We raise money for cancer navigation and survivorship programs


We offer support and guidance to cancer survivors and their loved ones

We host local events that raising money for cancer navigation and survivorship programs. Individuals that want to be a guide to cancer survivors (and not just a spectator) can make an impact. Not only can they help their loved one, but all Hoosiers affected by cancer.

Your support will assist Hoosiers fighting against cancer and will fuel our future to continue our mission!

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