What we do

Surviving cancer is hard, but it doesn’t need to be confusing, lonely or scary. We connect people to navigation and survivorship resources, as well as participate in and hold events to help fund our partner organizations.  

Navigation and survivorship resources are the resources outside of medical care that create the holistic plan to beating cancer. They include transportation to visits, financial support, and access to community engagement. All of these improve the lives of cancer survivors from day one of diagnosis. N2SN can connect people to nurse navigators, counseling, and other organizations that provide survivorship services.


To learn more about survivorship navigation according to the American Cancer Society, click here.

What are Nurse Navigators? 

The Oncology Nurse APN/PA publication defines nurse navigators as “nurses that guide patients through the healthcare system and help them to overcome barriers to optimal care.” Nurse navigators are a special type of oncology nurse who can help cancer patients understand their symptoms, treatment options, and the medical jargon that doctors use. They assist patients through every step of their journey and are one part of the holistic care plan. N2SN helps patients know about their options for nurse navigators, because they are very important to survival. 

What is Patient Navigation? 

Patient Navigation is a process by which an individual, a patient navigator, guides a patient with suspicious findings through and around barriers in the complex cancer care system to help ensure timely diagnosis and treatment. Patient navigation helps ensure that patients receive competent care that is confidential, respectful, compassionate and safe. 

Why we do it

When a loved one has cancer, no one wants to be a spectator. We enable individuals that want to be a guide to cancer survivors to make an impact that will not only affect their loved one, but all Hoosiers affected by cancer. The N2SN family is dedicated to making sure no one lives with cancer alone.